VIP at Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights

By S.P. Abiera

Universal Studios Horror Nights has always been one of my favorite experiences because of the high production values, front of the line passes, and exclusive VIP lounge. There is something special about being terrorized by monsters whose movies were developed and sometimes shot on this very lot. Please enjoy me and Chris’ trip. I hope it gives you an idea of how awesome the entire…

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LA Vida Showdown: Wexler’s McArthur Park vs Langer’s #19

LA Vida Showdown pits two similar products against each other, giving the pros and cons of each, and in the end, crowning one the victor of the challenge.
By S.P. Abiera

Atop the deli pyramid in Los Angeles, Langer’s stands alone. It is a place well deserved.The last sixty plus years have shoved struggle after struggle into its path, but Langer’s not only survived—but thrived. Countless accolades…

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LAFW: Asian Night

The Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival: Asian Night Marketis one of the most popular events for the Food & Wine weekend. Lines were huge in comparison to Thursday night. I have to admit, the food was overall better on Asian night, but that may be my Asian palette talking. I got to meet some of the movers and shakers in the Asian culinary scene in Los Angeles, and I left more satisfied than the…

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The Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival

The Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival!


Now in its fourth year, the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival is a celebration of the gastronomic and the oenophilic—chefs and wine purveyors set up their booths to showcase their products to the Los Angeles elite as well as discerning foodies and winos alike.My girlfriend has Disneyland, I have these food events. Where else are you able to have a taste of dozens of the top chefs in the city (and…

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Hoyka Thai Noodles

Quick Reviews are reserved for smaller restaurants that don’t require a longer review.

Similar to a Tom Yum noodle soup, Hoyka noodles originate from Pitsanuloke, Thailand. On the pier in Pitsanuloke, a famous noodle stand serves this soup to patrons who like to eat them while sitting on the wooden planks of the pier, dangling their feet above the water. This is where the name Hoy (dangling) Ka…

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Kazu Nori (Quick Review)

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Quick Reviews are reserved for smaller restaurants that don’t require a longer review. 

The newest restaurant in the ever expanding Nozawa empire, Kazu Nori offers downtown residents a place to get a quick bite during their lunch break or after work.

The Good: 

  • Decent price for 5 handrolls
  • Good quality fish
  • The best crab handroll in the city
  • Quick Service


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Petit Trois

Check out Petite Trois! Bring your wallets.

Not content with their overwhelming success at Trois Mec, Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo and Ludo Lefebvre set out to create a more casual option—a throwback to a typical French brasserie. Their goal was to create a “neighborhood bar”, somewhere you could enjoy a nice meal without the pomp and circumstance of a typical upscale establishment.

Seating only 21 people, the barstool only restaurant serves…

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6 Great LA Taco Shops

Marisco Jalisco

Deep fried and covered with addictive salsa and topped with slices of avocado, one bite of their taco dorado de camarones will make you a fan for life.
When you consider that these guys have been at this for ten years, you begin to ask yourself how such a delicious taco could go unnoticed for so long—their only expansion has been to a second truck in Downtown LA. But then an…

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Chef Popup at Animal

One of the great things about living in a sprawling metropolis is being able to participate in a “pop up shops”. Apop up shop is a store that opens for a limited amount of time, creating a unique environment for the customer. This idea of “flash retailing” has been utilized in sample sales, product testing, or, as in the case of Roy Choi and Jon Favreau, dining experiences. Pop up events…

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Trois Mec

Take three of the top chefs that LA has to offer, shove them into a renovated Raffallo’s Pizza across the street from Osteria Mozza and you get Trois Mec(Three Guys). I am already a big fan of the Animal/Son of a Gun duo Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. Read my review on their first venture, Animal, if you want to see what they are capable of on their own. Throw the fiery Frenchman Ludo Lefebvre into…

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LA Style: The Filson Bag

Los Angeles is a mecca for style and fashion. Our LA style segments celebrates the different looks and accessories that make our town unique.

I won’t say I envy the fact that women can accessorize with purses. What I will admit is that I envy the utility a purse gives to a woman. She can keep her makeup, phone, keys, wallet, and other knick knacks stored neatly in a leather bag that leaves…

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Love board games? You are in luck. Los Angeles is the home of one of the largest board game conventions in the US. Enter Strategicon, a tri yearly convention for fans of board games, card games, miniatures, RPGs, collectables, and computer games. (more…)

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5 Great Places for Brunch in LA (PART 1)

Brunch is for people who can’t be bothered to wake up early enough for breakfast. In a town full of aspiring screenwriters, actors, and models, is it surprising that we have a great selection of grub for the early morning challenged? I know correlation is not causation, but the proof is in the pudding—or in this case the grits. The following are some amazing places (DEFINITELY NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE…

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Rustic Canyon

I bit my fingernails as I perused the menu at Rustic Canyon.The menu looked like a carbon copy of countless New American restaurants that I’ve eaten at over the years. The oxtail gnocchi, the deconstructed chicken sandwich, the burrata salad—it all seemed eerily familiar. I had wanted to impress my overly critical father for Father’s day but it seemed that I was fated to hear his low growl of…

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